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Because my troop only meets twice a month, we are usually working on several badges at a time.  This fall we chose Knots, Etiquette, and Hawaii.  So, how to you integrate what seems to be three entirely different subjects into the same meeting?  You throw a Luau! 

The girls learned a hula dance and a song in Hawaiian for the entertainment.  We used knots that we learned to make our own grass skirts and leis, and learned all about party etiquette and table manners before inviting all family members to our luau.  At the luau, we also educated parents and siblings on Hawaiin etiquette such as never taking off a lei in front of the person who gave it to you (it is rude.)

We used our potluck luau as the start to our Investiture/Rededication Ceremony last month and everyone had a marvelous time.  The girls loved getting up on stage in their grass skirts to hula for their parents.  (We kept the patriotic theme of Frontier Girls by having the girls wear the skirts over their uniform and used red, white, and blue flower leis.)

By working on three badges at one time, the girls are less likely to get bored with a single subject and you can use one project to fulfill a variety of badge requirements.

So what badges will you be earning this year?

Frontier Girls Luau

Frontier Girls luau


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Frontier Girls fantasy badge

Frontier Girls fantasy badge

 By Tabitha Simicsak (Butterfly) Troop #101

This spring I decided to write my first badge. Starting in my teen years I have begun to like fantasy. One day I had my best friend over and she said it would be cool if there was a fantasy badge. I thought no more about it, until one night a couple weeks later I was in bed trying to go to sleep. I started to think of requirements I could do, from there I just started writing. I think I should have researched it a little better, because I didn’t learn much. I just used what I know of fantasy. My family, my troop leader, Mrs. Cordy, my pastor’s wife and daughter were a big help. I sent a draft of the badge to Mrs. Cordy and she said that, “I love the idea but it needs some work”. Then she gave me some tips on writing badges. I worked on it some more and sent a second draft to Mrs. Cordy. In the end she still made a few adjustments. I don’t know if I will write any more badges, but if I do write more badges, I would like to write the Radio Theater Badge and the Podcast badge. I encourage girls of all ages to write badges. It is hard work and it can be fun. Just remember to research it thoroughly and keep in mind the basic areas that need to be covered.

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