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Just a reminder, for those of your who have been waiting for information on the Support A Soldier Program, we have a new contact for this fall stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan.  Please email me directly for the contact name and address.  Instructions for shipping are below.
  Make sure to mark on the label what type of box it is and if it intended for a male or female if applicable. 

What to Send:   Always include personal cards and banners showing your thanks and support.  Regardless of what else is in the box, these are the items the soldiers treasure the most.  I have been told that pictures of the girls are especially appreciated as they can see who is sending them the package.  You can also have the girls design banners and other artwork that can be hung on the walls of the tents or common areas.  Bright, colorful, happy images are best.

The easiest way to ship packages is to use the flat rate Priority Mail boxes available at the post office.  This way you always know what the shipping is regardless of how much you can pack in the box.  There is a discount for shipping to APO/FPO addresses.   If you are not sure what items to send, we have listed several ideas below.
Requested Items: For items, our team would appreciate some healthy foods. This list is kind of long so please feel free to send some here and there:
FOOD –trail mix packs (e.g., dried fruit/nuts/raisins/chocolate chips) -100-calorie snack packs (Chex mix, crackers, pretzels, cookies) -Fig Newtons -cereal (e.g., Cheerios, Honey-nut Cheerios, frosted mini-wheats) – trial-size cups work great -Cup O’noodles soup (e.g., chicken noodle, vegetable, tomato) -dried granola (e.g., peanut butter) in the Natural Foods Aisle of most grocery stores -Chips (e.g., Doritos, Tostitos, Sun Chips, Lay’s Baked Chips) – snack packs would be great -Unsalted peanuts, nuts -Raisins (boxes) -Cereal bars (e.g., blueberry, strawberry) -chewy granola bars (e.g., chocolate chip, peanut butter) (request a couple of boxes (3 total) with all the same items to ship to my teams in the field)
NON-EDIBLES -Air fresheners (non-aerosol) -Moist wipes (flushable) -Baby wipes (small packs) -Patriotic stickers of U.S. flags and symbols (for cards/letters) -Holiday stickers for Christmas/Hanukkah (for cards/letters) -Trial size shower wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion..

Support A Soldier Rules:

1.  Only postive messages are allowed to be placed in the boxes.  All letters and cards must be loose or in unsealed envelopes and leaders must read all letters that go in their box to make sure there is nothing hateful or negative.  This includes any negative religious messages such as telling the soldiers that unless they recieve Jesus, they will go to hell.  Even if this is your belief, and you mean well, it is a disturbing message for men and women who face death every day and they do not need the extra stress.  Absolutely no messages disrespecting other religions will be tolerated.  Messages such as “God Loves You” or “We are praying for you” are acceptable.
2.  No chocolate or soft baked good that can spoil such as muffins should be sent after March 30 as it is the hot season and they will melt or mold.
3.  If you send “cool ties” for the soldiers to wear, make sure they are 100% cotton fabric and are in camoflauge colors as otherwise they cannot wear them on patrol.  (These are the polymer filled ties that get soaked in water and tied around your neck.  You can also make them as small flat circles that can fit inside a helmet).    Directions for making cool ties can be found here:  http://www.watersorb.com/polymer_cool_neck_bands.htm
4.  Most Army bases in Iraq and Afghanistan now have well-stocked provisions at the AAFES stores. The following items are easily obtained, so send only if a favorite brand is unavailable:
  • Cookies, candies, snack foods and beverages
  • Toiletries & personal hygiene products
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Personal electronic products and batteries
  • CDs, DVDs, magazines, books


5.  Please do NOT send the following items to a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. Packages are scanned and these items WILL be confiscated:

  • Alcohol and alcohol-production products and ingredients (R, R1)
  • Fruits, live plants and animals (M)
  • Pork and pork by-products (H1)
  • Pornographic and sexual materials (including nudes and semi-nudes) (E2)
  • Obscene materials and horror comics (C1)
  • Non-authorized political materials (E2)
  • Religious materials contrary to Islam in bulk quantities (E2)
  • Firearms and ammunition (F)
  • Cash, coins, securities or precious metals in their raw state (A)
  • Hazardous, flammable, toxic and radioactive substancesTip: Don’t use packing boxes that are labelled with a prohibited substance.

6.  Use common sense and realize that packages can be subjected to high heat and bouncing around. Use Ziploc bags and lots of padding where applicable.    If there is any chance that it might leak, put it in a ziplock bag! (two is even better!)

Thank you so much for showing your support  for our soldiers and participating in this program.
Kerry Cordy Frontier Girls Clubs www.frontiergirlsclubs.com


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I was recently introduced to a new website called Pinterest.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is like a giant online bulletin board of fun projects and activities.  You start your own board and then “pin” links to websites that interest you.  I recently started a Pinterest Account for Frontier Girls projects and plan to have boards for each of the Areas of Discovery as well as boards for topics like Patriotism, Troop Resources, Fundraising, and SWAPS.  On each board will be pictures of projects that you might wish to use in your Frontier Girls journey.  When you click on them, you will be taken to the website that has instructions for the project.  Please remember that these sites are NOT part of Frontier Girls and we cannot guarantee their content, so please surf responsibly.   As our troops and members send me great websites, I will make sure to pin these to my boards as well.  If you have a Pinterest board of your own that relates to Frontier Girls, please let me know so that I can follow it and repin your ideas to the main Frontier Girls boards.  To visit the Frontier Girls Pinterest Boards go to :

http://pinterest.com/frontiergirls/    You can also reach each of the Frontier Girls Pininterest Boards from the Areas of Discovery or Alphabetical badge list. Have fun!

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Learning about the Federal Flag Code and proper respect for our flag is one of the main requirements for earning the Our Flag badge in Frontier Girls.  The girls in Frontier Girls Troop #141 did such a good job with their studies that they sent me the following email: 

“They  just finished the badge today and we spent the afternoon going over the flag code. It says in section 176 part g) “The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”  The girls wanted to know why it is okay to write “Our Flag” across the flag on the badge.”

My answer, its not!  The Our Flag badge for Frontier Girls had a flag in the background with “Our Flag” printed across the front.  Thanks to the diligence of Troop #141 it has now been redesigned to stay in compliance with the code.  Girls in my own troop also realized that my website, blog, and brochures also violate this part of the code since I use the flag as a background for each.  The website is undergoing a redesign and the blog will also be redesigned soon.  The brochures will be redone the next time we go to print.

Thanks to all the girls who keep me in check!

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Frontier Girls at Veterans Stand Down

Frontier Girls at Veterans Stand Down

Patriotism has always been a character trait that Frontier Girls tries to promote within our girls.  One of the best ways to really bring this home to your girls is to get involved with your local veterans organizations.  Whether it is a VFW post, the American Legion, or another local group, find out how your troop might be able to lend a hand.  One of the easiest, and most appreciated things you can do for these groups is to entertain them.  Have your troop learn a variety of patriotic songs and offer to sing at one of their functions. 

Every year in our area, the local veterans sponsor an event called the Stand Down.  Veterans from all over the west are invited to the 3 day event to get free medical and dental care, free clothing, food, and other necessary items.  Many of those who attend are homeless.  Our girls attended the event and sang as part of the entertainment.  Our tall flag team also performed.  The fact that young kids were willing to come out and say “thank you” for their service meant so much to the attendees, that many of them were in tears. 

Most of America’s youth never take the time to think about what our veterans have sacrificed for our freedom.  Seeing young people actually caring, and appreciating what they have done, means a lot to these people.    It gives them a hope for the future and a feeling that the next generation will be better for their sacrifice.

So as you plan your spring and summer activities, make sure to add a veterans event to the mix.  Just a few ideas might include:  Singing for them, serving them dinner, cooperating in a flag retirement ceremony, laying wreaths for Memorial Day, or making thank you cards.  Use your imagination and have fun.

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Valentines for Veterans

Valentines for Veterans

For the second year, Frontier Girls troop #101 created Valentine’s for Veterans.  It is important that everyone, especially veterans, know that they are loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day, so the girls dedicate their first meeting in February to making Valentines each year.  They each create a handmade card that is attached to a large trifold display board with a sign reading, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”   When completely covered with Valentines, the display board is then donated to the local VFW post to wish the veterans a happy Valentine’s Day.  The remainder of the meeting is spent making as many Valentine’s as possible to place in a box that is shipped overseas to our soldiers. 

The troop uses the meeting to also exchange Valentine’s with each other.  The girls bring at least enough Valentine’s for each member of the troop, but are encouraged to bring extras for the soldier’s box as well.  This year the box was filled with load of cards, chocolate, lollipops, silly stickers, and other fun Valentine fun.

If your Frontier Girls troop is looking for fun Valentine project for next year, we encourage you to spread the idea of creating Valentines for Veterans.  Troop #101 is planning to get the community involved next year by placing collection boxes around town for people to drop off their cards.  Use your imagination and let us know if you have more ideas on how to expand our Valentines for Veterans program.

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Troop #109 shared a fantastic website called, “American Flag Wall of Shame” that depicts a variety of ways in which the Federal Flag code is violated everyday.  In working on the Our Flag badge, I divided my girls into teams and gave each a set of pictures from the site.  We then held a contest to see which team could come up with the most flag code violations.  Wow, did they learn their lessons well!  Having pictures to explain things really helped. Everywhere we go now they point out code violations that they see.

Last week when we were setting up for the Christmas parade, we had to transport our giant 17′ flag wrapped around the stand and then tucked down between the haybales.  When we arrived and the girls saw what we had done, they were appalled.  Placing the flag on the dirty truckbed and then letting it get covered with hay was a definite no-no.  When we were unable to put it up due to the wind, one of the parents suggested cutting “wind holes” in it for next year.  Cutting holes in an American Flag on purpose?  Never!  The girls quickly put the parent to rights and explained the violations involved.

I highly recommend you visit this site and share the photos with your girls.  You will be surprised by how much they get out of it.  At the bottom of the page is a link to a photo esssay entitled, “Tattered” that offers even more photos.

American Flag Wall of Shame: www.ushistory.org/betsy/wallofshame.htm

Tatterd:  http://www.sethbutler.com/tattered/

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