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I was recently introduced to a new website called Pinterest.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is like a giant online bulletin board of fun projects and activities.  You start your own board and then “pin” links to websites that interest you.  I recently started a Pinterest Account for Frontier Girls projects and plan to have boards for each of the Areas of Discovery as well as boards for topics like Patriotism, Troop Resources, Fundraising, and SWAPS.  On each board will be pictures of projects that you might wish to use in your Frontier Girls journey.  When you click on them, you will be taken to the website that has instructions for the project.  Please remember that these sites are NOT part of Frontier Girls and we cannot guarantee their content, so please surf responsibly.   As our troops and members send me great websites, I will make sure to pin these to my boards as well.  If you have a Pinterest board of your own that relates to Frontier Girls, please let me know so that I can follow it and repin your ideas to the main Frontier Girls boards.  To visit the Frontier Girls Pinterest Boards go to :

http://pinterest.com/frontiergirls/    You can also reach each of the Frontier Girls Pininterest Boards from the Areas of Discovery or Alphabetical badge list. Have fun!


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Just because school is out, and formal troop meetings may be on hold for the summer, doesn’t mean that you can’t offer some fun opportunities for your girls.  Here are few  ideas for low cost summer activities to keep your troop active. (Make sure to fill out permission slips and follow all safety policies.)

1. Swim parties – Just make sure to have a certified life guard on duty and permission slips.

2. First Aid day: Games and relays can be found at: http://www.boyscouttrail.com/content/game/game-442.asp or http://dragon.sleepdeprived.ca/games/first_aid/first_aid.htm
Learn how to make your own stretchers and carry each other around. Learn how to use a bandana to make a sling, bind a twisted ankle, or stop bleeding. (Contact us for more info.)

3. Fire building day: Go to a local campground and teach your girls how to build, tend and extinguish a fire. While the fire is going, do a little outdoor cooking and make lunch over the fire. Make sure to go over all fire safety
rules before lighting the fire. Teach the girls different fire building methods as well as how to make fire starters. (Contact us if you need instructions. An outdoor training section of the handbook is underway.)

4. Dance Day: Learn a variety of dances such as the hula, waltz, ballet, tap, swing, or square dances.

5. Fund raisers: Summer is the perfect time for car washes, bake sales (if it is not too hot), snow cones sales, etc. Cotton Candy and snow cones sold at local parades or events can bring in quite a bit of money and the equipment is usually fairly cheap to rent. We even have a recipe for snow cone syrup to save you money.

6. Hiking. Have a nature scavenger hunt, learn about animal tracks, tree and shrub identification, or even use a hike as a service project and collect trash while you walk.

7. Go fishing. If there are streams, lakes, ponds, etc. in your area, find someone knowledgable in fishing to teach the girls.

8. Water fun day. Have everyone bring their kiddy pools, squirt guns, water balloons, sponges, buckets, etc. and organize a variety of water games and activities.

9. Outdoor game day. Play games like capture the flag, duck duck goose, tag, jump rope, etc.

10. Leadership and Teamwork day. Teach your girls leadership and teamwork skills through games and activities. Great ideas are located at the following websites: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1216/is_n1_v180/ai_6265859/

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Frontier Girls Troop #109 fall bake sale

Frontier Girls Troop #109 fall bake sale

Spring has arrived and with it, the perfect opportunity to do a little fundraising.  Some troops are gearing up to sell spring bulbs, others are holding car washes and yard sales.  There is a wide variety of ways to earn extra money for your troop projects.  Below, read about the success of Troop #109’s fall bake sale.  If you have ideas you would like to share, please send them in as well.

by Slyvia Duke, Texas Troop #109 

To finance their activities the Frontier Girls Troop 109 held a bake sale on the Sunday before Thanksgiving from 12 – 4 pm.  At Walmart in Lindale we set up two tables, one at each entrance to the store.   Mrs Sarah Strub and Mrs Diana Havir had made beautiful signs for each table.   Some of the girls were stationed in the doorway at one end of the store asking people if they would like to buy something from the Frontier Girls!  At the other table, we’d just call out  “Hello, would you like to support the Frontier Girls of East Texas?

 some people would . . .

 We had a variety of donated baked goods and cookie mixes and chocolate-covered spoons in jars, so we had a flat-rate pricing policy:  $10 donation for the larger items, $5 for the smaller ones and when some individual slices of pie came along then we asked a $2 donation for those.  

 At 3 pm we cut our prices to $5 donation for the larger items and $2 for the smaller ones.  Just about everything sold in this way — and the last few things we sold for $5 bundles!!  We were really amazed when we counted the proceeds!  People had been very generous.  The Frontier Girls were now able to finance their own activities and buy fleece to make tied-fleece blankets to give away!!

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