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Certain badges are much more fun to do with friends, than by yourself at home.  The Vegetable Badge is just such a badge.  At our last meeting we learned about a variety of vegetables, what vitamins and minerals they contained, and why they were good for us. To do this, I printed out cards with pictures of vegetables in one pile, the names of the vitamins and minerals they were known for in another, and in the last pile I placed pictures of the body parts they helped.  After showing the girls how the cards matched up, we shuffeld the cards and handed them out.  On the word “Go”, they had to run around the room and find their partners.  For example, if you were holding the carrot card, you would have to find the girls holding the vitamin A card and the eye card.  We did this several times, reshuffling each time, and kept trying to improve our time.

For our craft, we decided to make potato people.  Each girl received a potato, a small cup of toothpicks,a small cup of straight pins, a plasitc knife and a pair of scissors.  A variety of vegetable were placed in the center of each table including items such as napa cabbage (which became angel wings and bride dresses), radishes (which became hats, eyes and noses), kale (for hair and eye lashes), red peppers (lips), carrot slices (eyes and arms), and much more. 

I was a little concerned about our little ones and all the sharp objects, but they did great and didn’t even need much help.  One pin prick the entire afternoon.  This was a great project for multiple age troops as the high schoolers had just as much fun as the 5 year olds.

Next meeting it is off to the nursery for a field trip and a chance to plant our own vegetables to take home.


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