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This winter I wrote my first badge for Frontier Girls, and I think it was a very good learning experience. Writing a badge was really fun, and having a badge with my name on it added to the Badge List made me feel like I had made an important contribution to Frontier Girls. I think that girls may be more interested in earning a badge written by someone their own age, not to mention it might give them the inspiration to write a badge of their own.

I decided to write the sailing badge because the summer before I had done a sailing camp and thought that maybe if I wrote a badge about sailing, it would lead other Frontier Girls to discover the fun involved in this sport.

I learned a lot while writing the sailing badge- I checked out lots of books from the library, researched online a bit, and also talked to my dad, who is an experienced sailor. Many of the requirements I included in this badge were about things I had only just discovered in my research.

I think that the next badge I want to write would be the Goats Badge, because I own several goats of my own and I think that a badge on them would be an opportunity for other girls to learn about these very interesting animals.

My mom helped me get a hold of most my research materials, but the person who helped me the most was my dad. He added on to or helped me write most of the requirements.

Writing a badge was very fun and interesting, and, now that I have started, I think that as long as I am in Frontier Girls I will always be writing them!

(Lily is a Butterfly in CA, Troop #101)


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I would like to wish you all a happy Easter.  In today’s world of political correctness, I should probably simply say, “happy spring”, but I am a firm believer that if someone wishes you well, regardless of your beliefs, then you should take it in the spirit it was given, and rejoice.  Today is a day of new beginnings, the day that Jesus rose from the dead and washed us all clean of our sins.  It is a day of great joy and happiness. 

Easter has always been my favorite holiday.  While Christmas is the day that Jesus came into our world, Easter is the day that he fulfilled his purpose, and gave us the greatest gift of all.  Regardless of your past, your future is clean and bright if only you are willing to accept it.   As you gather with your families today, and eat chocolate bunnies, rejoice in every blessing that God has given you.  

Frontier Girls is open to girls and adults of all faiths, and while I respect those faiths, you must also respect mine.  I am a Christian and will not hide my light simply because others say I must.  Freedom of religion is one of the greatest liberties that our forefathers gave us, and while I will never force my faith upon others, it will always shine for all to see.

Happy Easter to all Frontier Girls, their families, and anyone else who happens to read my blog!

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