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cartoon badge

Cartoon Badge

When my 10 year old daughter, Kristine, first approached me with the idea of a Cartoons badge, I figured that all she really wanted was an excuse to watch TV.  I should have had more faith in her.  She actually sent me an email with several well thought out badge requirements such as learning  about voice overs, and who does the voices for your favorite cartoon characters?  How is music used to create moods in cartoons?  How do they create sound effects?  Try making some of your own.  I called her over and between the two of us, the Cartoon badge was soon completed and sent out to Frontier Girls members.

It just goes to show that almost everything can be educational when looked at from the right perspective.  Encourage your girls to help write badges about topics they are interested in.  You will be surprised at what they come up with when they think about things from an educational perspective.  Kids are much more likely to stretch themselves and put in extra effort if they can do so with subjects that truly interest them.   Frontier Girls will write a badge on virtually anything as long as it is not a controversial subject that we feel is better addressed by parents or religious leaders.  As long as you can find an educational reason for learning about something, it can be turned into a badge.

If any of your girls have an idea for a badge, feel free to send it in.  They do not need to write every requirement for all levels, but the girls should give some real thought as to what someone would need to do, or learn about, to earn a badge on their subject.   Just a few of the new badges in the works are the Make Up badge (for Eagles only), the Hair Care Badge, and the Natural Wonders badge.  What will your daughter choose?




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Valentines for Veterans

Valentines for Veterans

For the second year, Frontier Girls troop #101 created Valentine’s for Veterans.  It is important that everyone, especially veterans, know that they are loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day, so the girls dedicate their first meeting in February to making Valentines each year.  They each create a handmade card that is attached to a large trifold display board with a sign reading, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”   When completely covered with Valentines, the display board is then donated to the local VFW post to wish the veterans a happy Valentine’s Day.  The remainder of the meeting is spent making as many Valentine’s as possible to place in a box that is shipped overseas to our soldiers. 

The troop uses the meeting to also exchange Valentine’s with each other.  The girls bring at least enough Valentine’s for each member of the troop, but are encouraged to bring extras for the soldier’s box as well.  This year the box was filled with load of cards, chocolate, lollipops, silly stickers, and other fun Valentine fun.

If your Frontier Girls troop is looking for fun Valentine project for next year, we encourage you to spread the idea of creating Valentines for Veterans.  Troop #101 is planning to get the community involved next year by placing collection boxes around town for people to drop off their cards.  Use your imagination and let us know if you have more ideas on how to expand our Valentines for Veterans program.

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