What Is Frontier Girls?


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I frequently get asked, “What is Frontier Girls?”  We may be small, but word of our program is growing quickly and many families are anxious to find out more.

Frontier Girls was founded on January 19, 2007 as an alternative to Girl Scouts to provide a scout like program for girls that goes back to the values and goals of the original Girl Scouts. Our mission is to raise women of honor to be the mothers and leaders of the future through life skills, leadership, character building, teamwork and service to others.  We seek to instill a love of learning in the girls and allow them to explore the world around them, learning about anything that sparks their curiosity.  In the process we show them the importance of caring for those less fortunate then themselves and how to become a strong leader and stand up for what they believe in.

Frontier Girls celebrates the American spirit that makes us exceptional. Our country was built upon a strong faith in God, strong family values, and the acceptance of those who are different than ourselves. We are a people of loyalty, of faith, of innovation. We pride ourselves on our resourcefulness and our freedoms. These are the traits our country was built on, but they are slowly being eroded away in a culture of instant gratification and irresponsibility. The Frontier Girl program seeks to restore a focus on good moral character, patriotism, community service, and a love of learning that is being lost.

The name Frontier Girls was chosen because one of the definitions of the word “frontier” is “an undeveloped area or field for discovery or research.” The American spirit thrives upon the constant desire to discover new things, to ask more questions, and find more answers. Our badges are divided into Areas of Discovery because we want girls to find something new in everything they study and to never want to stop learning.  We even have an entire Area of Discovery dedicated to Character with badges such as honor, diligence, responsibility and modesty.  These badges encourage girls to put these traits to use in their own lives, helping them to be good, well-mannered, self directed, respectful, disciplined, and honorable citizens.

Our scout like youth program for girls uses badges for its foundation with a variety of higher awards available as well. We believe that girls can do anything they set their minds to and should have the opportunity to explore any subject that interests them. For this reason we have made a commitment to writing a badge on virtually any subject a girl wishes to learn about with the exception of controversial topics we feel are better addressed by parents or religious leaders. We currently offer more than 1200 individual badges and are adding more every day.

Frontier Girls believes that scouting should be a family affair when possible.  For this reason we honor the badge requirements of other scouting organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Royal Rangers.  This allows families to all work on badges together without having to juggle two sets of programming.  We also offer a sister program, Quest Clubs (www.questclubs.net), that uses the same badges and awards, but is open on a co-ed basis if brothers wish to earn Frontier Girl badges.

If you would like to learn more about Frontier Girls, visit our website at http://www.frontiergirlsclubs.com or email me at Kerry@frontiergirls.com



ImageMalia Ewart, a very talented 18 year old from Redding, CA has begun designing a line of Frontier Girls clipart for use by our members.  This line of clipart will be available in the members only section of the Frontier Girls website beginning in March.  Members will be allowed to download the clipart free of charge for use in Frontier Girls projects such as scrapbooking, newsletters, and websites.  Each month we will add a few more pieces and gradually build our library of images.

Issue #29 – January 2014


Issue #29 – January 2014

logo transparentNote From the Founder – Frontier Girls Turns 7!

by Kerry Cordy

January 19 marks the 7th birthday of the Frontier Girls program.  I just want to take this opportunity to thank all my fantastic leaders and girls who make this program what it is.  2014 marks the first year that we have graduating Eagles who have actually been with the program since the beginning.  Abby Olson of Troop #101 was one of the very first members to join the very first Frontier Girls troop in 2007 and  Charlotte Duke of Troop #109 was right behind, joining in 2008.  Both will be graduating high school this year and both have been instrumental to helping to build the Frontier Girls program over the years.

We also have a tremendous amount of active and supportive leaders and parents out there as well, too many to name.    I am so proud of what all of you have done with your girls over the years.  Frontier Girls has turned into everything I always dreamed it would be, but I am not the one who did it, you were.  Your patience as I worked out the bugs in the program over the years has been very much appreciated and your advice and support have been invaluable.

Thank you to all my members, parents, volunteers, and leaders.  You are all awesome!

springback badgeAll Badges on Sale for the Month of January

         All badges are 10% off for the month of January.

Girls of the Month – Aubrey Scholle and Kayla Hausmann, Otters, Troop #172

Aubrey Scholle, age 6, Otter from Troop 172, Maryland
Aubrey wanted to do something for “the forgotten”.  We always see people reaching out to help foster kids, orphans, or abandoned pets but no one talks about Alzheimers or grandparents that are sick or struggling.  Aubrey decided to decorate place mats for the Thanksgiving dinner for residents of the Alzheimer’s Unit at the local nursing home.  She also organized the decorations for each residents room as well.  This unit primarily houses elderly that no longer recognize family and are cared for around the clock by staff at the nursing home.  They represent Aubrey’s “forgotten”.

Kayla Hausmann, age 6, Otter from Troop 172, Maryland 
Kayla and her family are acquainted with families that were personally affected by the tragedy in the Philippines.  Kayla organized, gathered, and packed clothes, bedding, and toys for shipment overseas to those families in critical need of supplies.  Kayla could barely fit in her car seat while making the many trips to the church to unload her gathered supplies and repack them into boxes.

These two wonderful girls are perfect examples of why we start the Make a Difference projects at such an early age.  Even young girls can recognize a need and work to do something to Make a Difference.  Great job girls!

shopping cartNew Shopping Cart

As many of your know, I have been trying to get a new shopping cart program up and running for quite awhile now, but it is finally ready!  Since this is our first launch of the new system, please let me know if you have any problems so that I can fix them as quickly as possible.

At this time, we are still set up only through Paypal, but hopefully we will be accepting other payment gateways before the end of the month.

owlNew Adult Level – Owls

After many requests over the years, Dingo from Troop #157 gets the Bright Idea award for finally convincing me that we need an adult level in Frontier Girls for women to earn badges as well lead them.  While I have had requests of this nature before, Dingo was the first to actually send me a plan of action as well as justification for adding the level.  As a young adult, she volunteers with troop #157, but does not have a daughter of her own to earn badges with.  While she likes working on badges with the troop, she couldn’t work on them at home without a daughter in the program.

We already have at least two Owl troops forming, one of them made up of parents and leaders from a girls’  troop who simply want to get together and earn badges as adults.  As one mom said, “It is so much more fun than a book club!”

The original idea was to call the level Wolves, but there was too much confusion with the same name being used in the Boy Scouts so we chose Owls to represent the older, wiser women in our program.  As of January 1, Frontier Girls will be open to adult members as well as girl members.  The Owl level will wear Royal Blue vests unless they are also a Leader of a Frontier Girls troop (any level, including Owls), then they still wear a navy vest so that the Leaders are easily recognizable.  The Owl tabs and ribbons will be a light grey to keep the patriotic look of our uniforms.  If a Leader is also an Owl, they may wear the grey ribbons on their navy vest halfway down from the red.  All badges taught to the troop would be worn under the red ribbon while all badges earned as and Owl would  be worn under the grey.  As vests fill up (since adults have no further level to advance to), women will need to eventually choose which badges to keep on their vests and which to transfer to a jacket, tote bag, or other display area.

Troop registration fees will still cover all Volunteers who need access to our programming, but adults who wish to participate in the program itself as an Owl will need to purchase an individual membership.

Please be patient as we work out the bugs of this new level!

New Badges Released  

Learn About Rubik’s Cube, Christmas Carols, Antiques

Rubiks Cube christmas carols antiques

beth archery

Life Lessons from Beth

By Beth Vicoryosmanson
Happy New Year to my fellow FG Sisters!  What a year its been!  My mom runs an autism advocacy group, and every year, they put on a big Christmas party for kids with special needs.  This year I helped a lot. I helped mom shop for the presents, wrap them, and helped run the games.  I helped with some of the planning, too.  It was a lot of fun, and in the process, I worked on my Event Planning Badge and Life Skills Award.  We have had a rough autumn and winter, but helping plan

the party to make a nice time for other kids made the bad stuff easier to bear.  I think that’s one of the big things about Frontier Girls: you learn to focus on others and your stuff doesn’t seem like such a big deal. (The local paper did a story on the party: http://www.chinovalleyreview.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=58206&SectionID=74&SubSectionID=114&S=1)

Logo_Kids_HolidayTips and Treasures

By Suzanne Vicoryosmanson
I stumbled across this great website the other day: http://kids.usa.gov/.  It has great videos and activities for every area of Frontier Girls!  Just a few of the things I saw on the website include stamps, art, history and patriotic info, presidents, modern careers, and health related topics! They even have an area to learn about each state.  The page has age-appropriate info, just click on the tabs to see the older kids’ section or the section for adults.

Grieving Ex-Girl Scout

grieveI was contacted today by yet another Girl Scout service unit manager looking to flip her troop over to Frontier Girls.  As a Gold Award recipient myself and an ex-Girl Scout leader who had a wonderful experience in scouting, it hurts my heart to see the program I loved so much quickly dying.  The Girl Scout leaders who are leaving Girl Scouts to come to Frontier Girls as an alternative are mostly leaders with 10, 15, or even 20 or more years as an experienced Girl Scout leader.  They are the service unit managers and leaders with large and active troops, the very base of the Girl Scout program.    For each of these committed leaders who contact me, I rejoice that they will be joining Frontier Girls, but I grieve that their flight from Girl Scouts means that the program I loved has changed beyond repair.

When I began Frontier Girls in 2007, after my own desertion of the Girl Scouts, it was to recreate a program that offered the girls everything I had in my own scouting experience; a chance to explore new skills, new ideas, and new places;  an opportunity to become a better citizen and kinder person;  and a chance to lead and be challenged.    As Frontier Girls  grows, and more and more experienced Girl Scout leaders join our ranks, it is my hope that the program we build together will continue to expand, offering girls more and more opportunities.  We are a grassroots group and we listen to each and every idea.   Frontier Girls is not my program, it is our program, and it will rise or fall based on how well we work together, listen to each other, and support one and other.

Frontier Girls troops and members may still be quite spread out, but I have never worked with a more committed group of women and girls.  Through our fgleaders Yahoogroup and our Facebook page I have watched friendships blossom and grow all across the country.  I have watched veteran leaders support and guide new leaders on all aspects of troop management.  I have watched girls show compassion and concern for fellow members even though they may be states away.  This is what it means to be a Frontier Girl.  It is being part of something bigger than yourself.  It is reaching out and living our motto, “If you see a need, take the lead!”

While I will always grieve for the Girls Scouts that use to be, I now rejoice in the Frontier Girls of the future.

Support Our Soldiers

Just a reminder, for those of your who have been waiting for information on the Support A Soldier Program, we have a new contact for this fall stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan.  Please email me directly for the contact name and address.  Instructions for shipping are below.
  Make sure to mark on the label what type of box it is and if it intended for a male or female if applicable. 

What to Send:   Always include personal cards and banners showing your thanks and support.  Regardless of what else is in the box, these are the items the soldiers treasure the most.  I have been told that pictures of the girls are especially appreciated as they can see who is sending them the package.  You can also have the girls design banners and other artwork that can be hung on the walls of the tents or common areas.  Bright, colorful, happy images are best.

The easiest way to ship packages is to use the flat rate Priority Mail boxes available at the post office.  This way you always know what the shipping is regardless of how much you can pack in the box.  There is a discount for shipping to APO/FPO addresses.   If you are not sure what items to send, we have listed several ideas below.
Requested Items: For items, our team would appreciate some healthy foods. This list is kind of long so please feel free to send some here and there:
FOOD –trail mix packs (e.g., dried fruit/nuts/raisins/chocolate chips) -100-calorie snack packs (Chex mix, crackers, pretzels, cookies) -Fig Newtons -cereal (e.g., Cheerios, Honey-nut Cheerios, frosted mini-wheats) – trial-size cups work great -Cup O’noodles soup (e.g., chicken noodle, vegetable, tomato) -dried granola (e.g., peanut butter) in the Natural Foods Aisle of most grocery stores -Chips (e.g., Doritos, Tostitos, Sun Chips, Lay’s Baked Chips) – snack packs would be great -Unsalted peanuts, nuts -Raisins (boxes) -Cereal bars (e.g., blueberry, strawberry) -chewy granola bars (e.g., chocolate chip, peanut butter) (request a couple of boxes (3 total) with all the same items to ship to my teams in the field)
NON-EDIBLES -Air fresheners (non-aerosol) -Moist wipes (flushable) -Baby wipes (small packs) -Patriotic stickers of U.S. flags and symbols (for cards/letters) -Holiday stickers for Christmas/Hanukkah (for cards/letters) -Trial size shower wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion..

Support A Soldier Rules:

1.  Only postive messages are allowed to be placed in the boxes.  All letters and cards must be loose or in unsealed envelopes and leaders must read all letters that go in their box to make sure there is nothing hateful or negative.  This includes any negative religious messages such as telling the soldiers that unless they recieve Jesus, they will go to hell.  Even if this is your belief, and you mean well, it is a disturbing message for men and women who face death every day and they do not need the extra stress.  Absolutely no messages disrespecting other religions will be tolerated.  Messages such as “God Loves You” or “We are praying for you” are acceptable.
2.  No chocolate or soft baked good that can spoil such as muffins should be sent after March 30 as it is the hot season and they will melt or mold.
3.  If you send “cool ties” for the soldiers to wear, make sure they are 100% cotton fabric and are in camoflauge colors as otherwise they cannot wear them on patrol.  (These are the polymer filled ties that get soaked in water and tied around your neck.  You can also make them as small flat circles that can fit inside a helmet).    Directions for making cool ties can be found here:  http://www.watersorb.com/polymer_cool_neck_bands.htm
4.  Most Army bases in Iraq and Afghanistan now have well-stocked provisions at the AAFES stores. The following items are easily obtained, so send only if a favorite brand is unavailable:
  • Cookies, candies, snack foods and beverages
  • Toiletries & personal hygiene products
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Personal electronic products and batteries
  • CDs, DVDs, magazines, books


5.  Please do NOT send the following items to a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. Packages are scanned and these items WILL be confiscated:

  • Alcohol and alcohol-production products and ingredients (R, R1)
  • Fruits, live plants and animals (M)
  • Pork and pork by-products (H1)
  • Pornographic and sexual materials (including nudes and semi-nudes) (E2)
  • Obscene materials and horror comics (C1)
  • Non-authorized political materials (E2)
  • Religious materials contrary to Islam in bulk quantities (E2)
  • Firearms and ammunition (F)
  • Cash, coins, securities or precious metals in their raw state (A)
  • Hazardous, flammable, toxic and radioactive substancesTip: Don’t use packing boxes that are labelled with a prohibited substance.

6.  Use common sense and realize that packages can be subjected to high heat and bouncing around. Use Ziploc bags and lots of padding where applicable.    If there is any chance that it might leak, put it in a ziplock bag! (two is even better!)

Thank you so much for showing your support  for our soldiers and participating in this program.
Kerry Cordy Frontier Girls Clubs www.frontiergirlsclubs.com

Pinterest Ideas

I was recently introduced to a new website called Pinterest.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is like a giant online bulletin board of fun projects and activities.  You start your own board and then “pin” links to websites that interest you.  I recently started a Pinterest Account for Frontier Girls projects and plan to have boards for each of the Areas of Discovery as well as boards for topics like Patriotism, Troop Resources, Fundraising, and SWAPS.  On each board will be pictures of projects that you might wish to use in your Frontier Girls journey.  When you click on them, you will be taken to the website that has instructions for the project.  Please remember that these sites are NOT part of Frontier Girls and we cannot guarantee their content, so please surf responsibly.   As our troops and members send me great websites, I will make sure to pin these to my boards as well.  If you have a Pinterest board of your own that relates to Frontier Girls, please let me know so that I can follow it and repin your ideas to the main Frontier Girls boards.  To visit the Frontier Girls Pinterest Boards go to :

http://pinterest.com/frontiergirls/    You can also reach each of the Frontier Girls Pininterest Boards from the Areas of Discovery or Alphabetical badge list. Have fun!

Frontier Girls is now on Cafe Press.  For those of you who have been looking for t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and more with the Frontier Girls logo or motto, visit our new store at http://www.cafepress.com/frontiergirls .  We will continue to add more products with new designs as we have time.  If you are looking for something specific, just send us an email and we’ll create it as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that Cafe Press is a print on demand company and therefore can be a little on the expensive side.  It is highly recommended that you get on their email list to take advantage of their frequent sales and discounts.  These discounts are offered often enough that you should never have to pay full  price unless you need something immediately.  Have fun!